Threshold Housing Society’s Hierarchy of Needs

Have you ever heard of Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”? In the traditional pyramid of needs inspired by a paper published in 1943, Maslow concluded that a person’s most basic needs must be met before secondary (yet equally important) needs such as love and belonging and self-esteem can be met. 

His conclusion has stood the test of time! 

Here at Threshold Housing Society, we know Maslow’s Hierarchy is true: safe housing is a prerequisite for healing, and healing is a prerequisite for thriving! 

Above is our own version of Maslow’s Hierarchy that applies specifically to the youth here at Threshold Housing. 

Once youth have safe housing secured, they can then go on to healing through counselling.  

Threshold serves youth who are coming from serious traumatic experiences that require qualified clinical counselling for healing and forward movement towards thriving in our community. 

During COVID-19, Threshold saw a significant gap in resources for the at-risk youth they serve in terms of mental health counselling and supports. The pandemic brought forth more anxiety, tension, and stress for the youth Threshold serves and with community supports being cancelled or moved online, it was essential for Threshold Housing to bring clinical counselling in-house.  

This counselling program is an invaluable aspect of Threshold’s wraparound service model, however it requires on-going funding to maintain this resource. 

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