Threshold Housing Society has exciting news! We are working with partners to redesign the site of 1502 Davie St (Forrest House).

Quick facts about this project:

  • Threshold Housing Society sees an urgent need to address the staggering gap in homes for youth at risk in our community. In response,  Threshold is embarking on a re-development program for the Forrest House site, located at 1502 Davie Street, Victoria, BC.
  • The site is located along a major transit hub that provides quick connections to downtown and the university.
  • Forrest House is surrounded by many thriving businesses within a 5-minute walk, including two grocery stores and Oak Bay High School.
  • The site is owned and operated by Threshold Housing Society.
  • It is located near a vibrant community hub bordering the City of Victoria and the District of Oak Bay.
  • The existing building is aging and located in a region where redevelopment occuring, creating a prime opportunity to increase the number of beds for vulnerable youth.
  • Threshold anticipates creating 17 new spaces for youth to call home with this redesign

About the Redesign Process:

  • Threshold has received a grant to work with a consulting team and stakeholders to co-create a concept redesign and study the financial feasibility of the redesign for the Forrest House site.
  • The redesign will be based on stakeholder input and feedback throughout the process.
  • Threshold is fully committed to engaging and working with the surrounding neighbours and community at every stage of this project.
  • The project team and stakeholders will be using the Community Well-being Framework to guide the process 
  • The project redesign and feasability study have been completed 
  • Threshold and our partners are seeking funding for the next stage of the redevelopment process.

Community Engagement:

We are grateful for the active and positive support from the community engagement interactions that took place in 2021 and 2022. As we move into the next phases of this re-development, more opportunities for the community to learn and for us to listen to community will be posted here.

Please contact Shannon Whissell, Director of Development, with any questions:

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