Wrap-around supports are what makes housing a home for youth. Through wrap-around supports, youth have the chance to heal, learn, and grow into adulthood with a network of healthy relationships and skills. 


Foundations Program

The Foundations Program offers a safe space for youth to explore interests and build connections that ultimately set the foundation for their future. Not only can they dive deeper into their hobbies, they also learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships with peers, staff, and potentially family members.

Staff provide as much or as little support and guidance as each youth needs. Having access to grants and donations that allow staff to tailor different programs, education and certificates to each youth is one piece of Threshold that is so unique.

The Foundations Program is generously supported by Coast Capital Savings.

We asked the Housing team who deliver the Foundations Program about it, and here’s what they said: 

  • building healthy relationships
  • providing space to both fail and grow
  • fostering community and peer connection
  • engaging creativity and art interests 
  • building life skills around cooking, cleaning, and connecting with others over sharing a meal 
  • building life skills around grocery shopping and budgeting
  • supporting youth in a client centered way with their specific needs, goals or interests
  • strengths based learning and knowledge sharing 
  • opportunity to learn healthy coping 
Quote from staff:

(Foundations) helps to foster peer relationships and creates a sense of community for those within – and waiting to join – Threshold. It provides opportunities for youth to be just that – youth. So many of our youth haven’t had the opportunity to learn, play, and develop the skills and relationships that this programming offers.

Youth Caseworkers 

Professional staff walk alongside youth from pre-housing support (waitlist), through the spectrum of housing and eventual graduation, always connecting youth with appropriate community supports within and outside of Threshold.

These support workers help youth build healthy relationships, network in community, explore their interests, trouble-shoot challenges, and recognise their assets. 

Pre-housing Support

Our small and mighty Intake Team supports youth on Threshold’s waitlist to access the supports offered to youth living in our homes.

Specialised services

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