In 2022, Threshold adopted the following set of functional & frictional values. The first word in the pairs below is the value we aspire to, as explained in the description. The paired word is the commonplace counterpoint, a status quo that doesn’t support the outcomes to which Threshold is committed.


Motivated by the knowledge that youth in  our  community  are  regularly  exposed  to harm through experiences of homelessness and trauma, we will act boldly and with urgency toward creating a reality where every youth has access to safe housing and appropriate supports. We will not become complacent or satisfied with success. We will stand firm in our efforts to see real change to the systems that are not adequately supporting youth toward thriving futures. When necessary,  we  will  speak  truth  to power and challenge circumstances that are unjust, inequitable, or harmful. We will not shrink when the moment requires our action or voice.


We acknowledge the inter-connectedness between all people, and the complex histories that exist within relationships and life experiences. We acknowledge the realities and impacts of the intergenerational trauma that surrounds us, particularly for our Indigenous siblings and relations who continue to bear a heavy weight. In all our interactions we endeavor to act with compassion, patience, and love. We value listening and storytelling as ways to understand one another. We stand firmly beside youth in our community even when that stance comes with risk or is against the tide of public opinion. We believe that every youth, regardless of their histories or hardships, has the ability to thrive.


Motivated by the knowledge that we operate in a complex environment in constant change, we prioritize the need to be flexible, creative, and innovative. We hold true to our vision while understanding there are many paths that can be taken. We understand that trying to exercise too much control can stifle creativity, make us less effective, and harm our ability to respond quickly to opportunities.


Motivated by the knowledge that our work impacts young lives, we acknowledge the obligation to ensure a high standard is set across all areas of our organization. We put a priority on good stewardship of our resources and relationships, while ensuring integrity in our actions. We conduct ourselves with an orientation toward action and avoid the pursuit of perfection, which can impede our progress. We value evidence- based decision-making and are committed to continual learning and improvement.

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