The Supportive Recovery Program offers harm reduction focused recovery for youth aged 15 to 21

In a charming heritage house on a quiet residential street, youth aged 15 to 21 who want to reduce their substance youth are finding support and commmunity at Threshold’s Supportive Recovery Program (SRP). 

SRP is an innovative program that takes a harm reduction for youth perspective. Our professional and empathetic staff offer a robust and personalized program of recovery skills, life skills, mental wellness, community involvement, and healing. 

SRP includes

  • daily life skills programming, activities and community outings
  • recovery group 3x a week 
  • 24/7 onsite support
  • support to continue work, school, and connection with friends and family. 

Program Details

  • The program is designed to take 4 months, though that varies with youth needs
  • SRP is free of charge: linens, towels, all meals, program supplies, and recreational activities are all included
  • Passes to go into community are issued on a case by case basis
  • Indigenous Cultural Support and all Threshold wrap-around supports are available to youth at SRP

View the SRP brochure to learn more: Supportive Recovery Program brochure

Referral Details

Please note that youth cannot self-refer to this program and require professional support (Social Worker, Outreach Worker, Doctor, Counsellor, Teacher, etc.) to complete the application alongside them.

Youth entering the Supportive Recovery Program will be asked to remain abstinent from substances for 7 days prior to the day of program admission. If necessary, the program Intake Coordinator can help to connect to a community detox program.

This referral must be fully completed and submitted by email to

* The application section must be completed digitally. 

Download the referral form: Complete-SRP-Referral-Package-May-2023

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