With the support of their communities, we help youth succeed. You and your organization can support this work by raising funds and awareness, demonstrating how community involvement can make brighter futures possible for at-risk youth.



Our leadership team are enthusiastic and engaging when it comes to talking about the work of Threshold and the incredible youth who share their journeys with us. If you’d like to request a speaker for your class, community event, staff training, or service club meeting, please drop us a line.

To get started, email Shannon shannon.w@thresholdhousing.ca and tell us about your organization, your event, preferred date and time and if you have a specific interest.

Some speaker themes include

  • About Threshold Housing
  • Youth Homelessness
  • Housing First for Youth
  • Harm Reduction for Youth
  • Preventing youth homelessness
  • Housing, rights, and justice for youth


Although Threshold has limited ongoing volunteer opportunities, we do keep a roster of volunteers we can call on for events, work-a-thons, or for special projects at head office.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer roster, please email assist@thresholdhousing.ca.


We are working on a third party fundraiser toolkit to help you host simple, fun, successful events that raise awareness and funding for Threshold.
In the meantime, if you have an idea for a fundraiser you’d like to host, please email shannon.w@thresholdhousing.ca.

What’s your idea?

Have a suggestion for how you’d like to help Threshold and the youth we work with? Please send an email with your thoughts to assist@thresholdhousing.ca.

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