Youth Harm Reduction Event: Keynote & Panel Discussion.

Is harm reduction a gateway to treatment?

Join Threshold for a livestreamed conversation on youth harm reduction with Guy Felicella, B. C’s Representative for Children and Youth Dr. Jennifer Charlesworth, Dr. Bernie Pauly, and more.

On June 16th, 2022, Threshold Housing society is hosting a keynote speaking event and panel discussion. We have invited experts, people with lived experience, and researchers to help share knowledge, reduce stigma, and inform discourse on youth harm reduction practices. The goal of the event is to highlight harm reduction as a strategy to save lives and enable progress toward healing and recovery.

Harm reduction is an approach or strategy aimed at reducing the risks and harmful effects associated with substance use for the individual, the community and society as a whole. It is deemed a realistic, pragmatic, humane and successful approach to addressing issues of substance use. Such interventions aim to heal the person as a whole. Different people need different supports and solutions. The key here is to work with a person where they are at, and to give them choices and options.

Rather than just addressing substance use on its own, treatment interventions also need to address other challenges that may have either led to or arisen from the use of substances. In thinking about addressing substance use and addictions, it is also important to consider and address broader structural factors that underlie and produce harms.

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