ths Work Shop on Self-Compassion in the Workplace for Non-Profit Agencies

Peggy English of Unstuck Coaching

On September 23rd, at Saint John the Divine, Peggy English of Unstuck Coaching, gave a three hour workshop on self-care and self-compassion in non-profit workplaces. Using the NVC model of needs and values, she explored empathy as an alternative to judging and blaming when our needs are not met. She also discussed modeling this for youth. Peggy emphasized how personal responsibility moves us out of powerlessness and moves us forward to greater satisfaction and fulfillment. Her central focus was how to detect and ward off the dangers of burn-out. Non-profits have a notorious record for staff burn-out, and the aim of the workshop was to make staff aware of the signs and indications of burnout in order to take evasive action.  The workshop was attended by the entire staff team of Threshold, the first time the team ever met together under one roof. The camaraderie was marvellous and the presentation was superb, filled with nuggets of wisdom to ponder and to help re-activate our weary souls.

Peggy can be reached at or,

Unstuck Coaching

Peggy English facilitates small group discussion.

ths Staff of 2010. From left to right: Mark Muldoon, Shaun Flaherty, Rebekah Humphrey, Graham Kelly, Holly Winter, Kyra Henry and Jessica Adams

(left to right): Shaun Flaherty, Rick Sandberg and Graham Kelly discuss Peggy English’s wisdom

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