Threshold Housing Society Expands Services to include a Supportive Recovery Program for Youth

Threshold Housing Society is expanding our service delivery model to include a supportive recovery program for youth who are battling substance use issues. In partnership with Island Health, Threshold Housing will offer youth a safe and supportive environment as they access a recovery-oriented and healing-focused program.

Coordinated, accessible and low-barrier services that meet youth ‘where they are at’ are particularly important during the opioid crisis, given that youth are a highly vulnerable group in terms of substance use. The Threshold Supportive Recovery Program is providing eight supportive recovery beds and host family bed in Greater Victoria to meet the health and social needs of a wide range of youth and support them on their wellness and recovery journey.  These beds are part of a reconfiguration of youth substance use beds in Victoria.

In 2018, according to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse:

  • Canadian youth reported the highest use of illicit substances among 15–24-year olds vs. other Canadians.
  • Canadian youth are four times more likely than adults aged 25+ to report harm because of drug use (Statistics Canada, 2015).

Meanwhile, a 2020 study from the BC Centre on Substance Use notes that more than 1,000 youth, aged 10 to 29, have lost their lives to overdose since the 2016 public health emergency was declared.

Access to the recovery beds will be based on the clinical needs of the client and on their urgency for service. Clients can be referred by a health-care provider, a family member or support person. Recovery services are also provided to youths waiting for a bed.

For media inquiries please contact Jasmine Campbell at or 250-383-8830 ext. 1001. We would love to share more information on our programs and our impact on the community.

Threshold Housing Society works to prevent adult homelessness by providing safe housing, support services, and community to at-risk youth, aged 15-24 years old. Threshold serves at-risk youth experiencing homelessness, aging out of care or fleeing violence in the home. Young adults who need a place to call home and people who believe in them.

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