Robbie Hancock Music Extravaganza at Gorge-ous Coffee

Coffee + Music + Supporting Youth = A great Saturday Afternoon

Georgeous Coffee Fundraising Event - Victoria BC - Youth HomelessnessThis coming Saturday, January 14, 2017, a Canadian musician named Robbie Hancock will be holding a day-long music-fest at Gorge-ous Coffee  which is located at 103-300 Gorge Rd W (Gorge Rd at Tillicum). There are approximately 20 committed local musicians planning to play from about noon to 10:00pm. All proceeds and donations will go to THS.

Robbie’s website is a great source of information.  He is an accomplished musician with a heart for youth issues.  He held this type of fundraiser in London, Ontario for a youth organization for several years before moving to Victoria.

The line up for Saturday is spectacular!Threshold-Housing-Youth-Homelessness-Music-Event

12:00 pm Viv Gleeson
12:30 pm Joy Kruger & Mike Raymer
1:00 pm Shauna Janz
1:30 pm Daniel Francis
2:00 pm Nicole Kaona
2:30 pm David Halliwell
3:00 pm Stu Linnell
3:30 pm Peter Bell
4:00 pm Janis Mullen
4:30 pm Chris Trigg
5:00 pm Robbie Hancock
6:00 pm Matt Stanyer
6:30 Lonnie Glass..With Special guests for the evening

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