Since April 1st, we have been highlighting the ongoing issue of youth aging out of government care at 19 years old. Why? Because youth age out of care, whether they are ready or not! At an age that is often already challenging and stressful.

-Aging out of care without appropriate supports in place is often cited as risk factor that leads to experiences of homelessness.
-In 2018, the B.C. Coroners Service report found youth leaving government care died at five times the rate of the general population of young people in British Columbia.
– There is an over representation of Indigenous people experiencing homelessness, which can be directly linked to the over representation of Indigenous youth in government care. This is an outcome resulting from the ongoing legacy of colonialism.

We believe that it is essential to highlight the challenges, barriers, and trauma youth aging out of care may face to bring positive changes to the system. It’s also important to remember the resilience youth aging out of care have and demonstrate. We got to see a glimpse of this through the film we virtually screened on June 23rd. 2020 called 19 & Homeless. We see the resilience youth have through the work we do here at Threshold every single day. Even though our campaign #ReadyOrNotAgingOutOfCare ends today, we will continue to highlight this issue in various ways. You can sign up for our next newsletter at the bottom of this to keep up with stats and information on how we serve youth aging out of care.

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