30 years ago, on March 28th, Threshold Housing Society was created in response to the large number of youth experiencing homelessness in the 90’s. Today, Threshold Housing exists to serve the same purpose. We provide safe housing, support services, and community to at-risk youth. Our stakeholders have helped hundreds of at-risk youth find safe homes from which to heal and grow, many of whom were fleeing violence or abuse in their home, had aged out of government care without support, or were experiencing homelessness and living on the streets. The outcome of these efforts is a generation of youth who have transitioned sustainably into adulthood rather than into homelessness, living full and vibrant lives in community rather than simply surviving on the margins. They have completed education and training courses, found meaningful careers, started families, and are involved in their communities. Today, we want to celebrate this incredible legacy that so many people have contributed to over the years.

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