The Intake Process varies slightly depending on the needs of the individual youth. This information will provide a broad overview of our process and what you can expect from Threshold Housing and our staff. Threshold Housing Society provides safe housing and support services for youth and young adults ages 16 to 24 years old up until their 25th birthday. To contact the intake department, please email


Frequently Asked Questions


Once a member of the Intake Team meets with the youth referred, they can begin to contact references listed on the referral. Once a youth is established as a good fit for the program, they will then be added to the waitlist. The time to complete this process varies with each applicant.


Wait times can vary. Youth in our housing program are able to stay as long as they need until their 25th birthday, so it can be difficult to predict when we will have a spot available. Openings in the program are filled based on best fit for the particular spot as well as the level of need at that time. It is important to keep in touch with the Intake Team while you are on the waitlist. Please update your contact information or living situation if it changes.

Youth on the waitlist are available to receive outreach support from our intake team, as well as attend our life skills programming. If you are on the waitlist and would like to access either of these services, please reach out to the Intake Team!


At this time, all of our placements are based on single occupancy. Please continue to check back with us!


Our communal houses are not cat/dog friendly but small caged animals are considered on a case by case basis. We do have a few locations within our SHY apartments that are pet friendly. Please note, that the wait for SHY apartments can be upwards of 12 months. 


Yes! Contact the Intake Team to set this up.


THS takes an equitable approach to our monthly program fees and so cost will vary depending on your income source. A damage deposit is required upon move-in.

Supportive Recovery is a fully funded program and there are no costs to attend.


This is not a barrier to either of our programs! While you are on the waitlist, our Intake Team is available to assist you with an application for Income Assistance if you require this. We can also help direct you to programs that assist in employment skills. 


-Support from our Case Managers, Residential Staff, Clinical Counsellor.

-All basic aspects of a home; furnished & private bedrooms, WiFi, heat, hot water, access to mobile phone/affordable plan if needed, etc.

-Life Skills programming including; facilitated groups with our Counsellor, Cooking, Music, Art, LGBTQ2SIA+ Social Group.

-Meals are not provided in the housing program and you are responsible for your groceries. Staff are available to help access community food resources.


We hope you can bring what you need to make our house your home! However, if you live in a communal space, no weapons of any kind are allowed to be kept in the rooms (knives, airsoft guns, etc) and there are some limitations on furniture and kitchen appliances. Please note, storage space is very limited.


The majority of our spaces have parking available nearby.


In the housing program, there are no daily curfews and you are able to come and go as you please. We do ask to inform staff if you are leaving for multiple nights or going on a trip. For youth under 19, we are required to have contact with you at least every 48 hours. 


In communal houses, there are no overnights allowed and usual guest hours are 9am-10pm. When bringing a new guest to visit a communal house, we ask that you inform staff and introduce them when they first come to the house. Due to the independent nature of SHY apartments, those specific spaces are allowed to have overnights 3x per week and youth manage their own guest hours.


Threshold Staff are supportive and non-judgmental. Various harm reduction tools are available to you in our program, and you’ll find designated smoking locations outside each house. It is important that we keep all of those in the program safe and everyone must refrain from any actions that impact the safety of those around us. 

Threshold also has a Supportive Recovery Program for youth aged 15-21 where you can stay for 1-4 months to work on skills for substance use recovery.


A thousand times, yes! THS has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and discrimination. Baby, you were born this way. 🦄


Our staff can help you make connections with cultural supports!


Many youth in our programs have been in this situation. Each application is considered on a individual basis and assessed with the safety of all program participants in mind.

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