Family and Natural Supports

Threshold Housing is happy to offer Family and Natural Supports (FNS), an early intervention to prevent youth homelessness by helping youth build, restore, or maintain relationships with extended and primary family, or other important natural supports that they identify.


The core principles of FNS echo Housing First for Youth from a prevention lens:

  • Connection first
  • Youth and family at the centre (NOTE: youth determine who is family to them)
  • Autonomy and accountability go hand in hand
  • Skill-building that leads to growth
  • Individualized, flexible, non-judgmental practice


  • Enhancing the ties between youth and family or natural supports
  • Helping youth and family identify the supports they already have in the community
  • Housing intervention and stabilization
  • Connection to employment, training, or education
  • Youth and their supporters receive an honorarium for their time

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The Family and Natural Supports Program is made possible through the work of and with support from A Way Home Canada.

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