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Happening September 18 to 26, this exciting virtual event is the first ever run/bike/relay to circle your favourite 25km loop in the Greater Victoria area. Participants are encouraged to fundraise donations of $25 for 25km – all event proceeds will go directly towards the Threshold Housing Society.

“Threshold Housing Society provides a critical service by offering housing to at-risk youth who are at risk of homelessness. With their unique approach, Threshold offers real long-term solutions and plays a vital role in supporting youth in our community. I encourage everyone who likes to run, bike, or commute by any means, to “Do The Loop” around Victoria. If everyone asks for $25 for 25km, we can really give back to an incredible local organization!” – Laurel Collins, Member of Parliament for Victoria


Registration: Anytime from August 2nd to September 25th, 2022 .  To register, click here.

Registration cost: $25 (this donation will go directly to Threshold Housing Society)

Event dates: Saturday, September 18th to Sunday, September 26th 2022

Participant Information Package: Click here

The Course Route

Do The Loop provides a variety of opportunities so all members of the community can participate. Participants can do the official 25km route, along the City of Victoria’s scenic border, the 25km Capital Bike sponsored-safe cycling route (great for kids, families or new bikers), or any 25km route of their own creation anywhere in the city, country, or world!

Download the maps here:

There are even more options to make this possible for everyone:

Unlike a traditional race, you can start your loop at any location, and go either direction. Make it your own!

Tracking Your Loop

Please track you loop, so we can share it online! Participants can use their cellphone or smart watch to track their route, using an app such as Strava, Map My Run, Runkeeper or any other program. We will share your #dotheloop and pump your personal mini-fundraising page!

Upload your mapped movement or a selfie on socials and use the #DoTheLoop Or email your loop to

Why Threshold Housing? Why Youth?

Threshold Housing Society prevents adult homelessness by providing safe housing, support services, and community to at-risk youth. Currently, Threshold has 51 units of housing and receives an average of 156 youth apply a year.

Threshold serves youth who are coming from serious traumatic experiences that require qualified professional counselling for healing and successful forward movement towards thriving in our community. During COVID-19, Threshold saw a significant gap in resources for the at-risk youth they serve in terms of mental health counselling and supports. The pandemic brought forth more anxiety, tension, and stress for the youth Threshold serves and with community supports being cancelled or moved online, it was essential for Threshold Housing to bring clinical counselling in-house. This counselling program is an invaluable aspect of Threshold’s wraparound service model, however it requires on-going funding to secure and maintain this resource.

$25 provides youth with access to an in-house counselling session. This will help youth with their mental well-being and goals related to family re-connection, relational stress, school and career anxiety, grief and loss, isolation, complex trauma, and more.

Threshold serves youth aging out of government care, experiencing homelessness, and/or fleeing violence and abuse in the home.


It’s simple! Ask for $25 for 25km.

All registrants will receive their own mini-donations page on Race Roster platform, which you can use to raise funds for Threshold Housing Society.  Once your page is ready, you can share the link with friends, family, or supporters so they can donate to your run/bike/relay. Your mini-donation page can be under your name, or create a fun team name!

Ask your friends, family and circle to donate $25 towards your 25km Do The Loop! You can set a fundraising goal, or raise as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. All contributions have an impact. (People can definitely donate more if they want!)

Also, it’s perfectly ok if you don’t want to fundraise – this isn’t essential. We’d love to have you #dotheloop either way!

Contact Us

Please reach out if you want to get involved, make a donation, or have questions





We want to thank our team of volunteers for helping make this incredible event possible. We also want to thank a few important sponsors who helped make this event possible.

South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association – Community Sponsor

Front Runners – Title Run Sponsor

Capital Bike – Safe Cycling Sponsor

The Zone @ 91-3 – Media Sponsor

Victoria Buzz – Media Sponsor

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